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SKF Dojo Lockdown Update 29/03/2021

Dear member / parent,
We had every intention of giving you these details about our return to our Dojo sooner but the government only gave out guidelines for this weeks stage (outdoor sports) on Thursday last week and at the weekend our governing body had to adjust their guidance due to a secondary government document being uploaded late Friday evening. Obviously very frustrating as all we want to do is get our members back to our Dojo and reopen our family business.
We don’t know about you but just processing what’s going on in the world at the moment brings on anxious feelings so we are remembering our training and taking a ‘breath’…
So, we are focusing as we have done throughout all this pandemic on safely of our members and operating to the letter of the law.
Outdoors training commences this week (starting Monday 29th) which is Stage 1 March’ing back to our Dojo.
If you are interested in attending any of these lessons there is very limited availability / spaces left at time of sending this email so get in touch.
7pm Fight Clubs
5pm Weapons & Forms
7pm Boot Camp Fitness
7pm Fight Club
In a couple of weeks (starting Monday 12th April) Stage 2 March’ing back to our Dojo with our full time timetable inside is the next stage. We are waiting on guidance to how we must conduct things as far as capacity etc. If this stage is anything to go by we might not know until a few days before but we will continue to provide you with information as we learn it and stay ever positive to getting back to what we want to be doing at our Dojo as soon as possible.
Until then our full Zoom Timetable continues which will remain / be adjusted accordingly when we return to training inside at our Dojo.
We hope yourself and your family have remained in good health and safe, thank you for your continued support and though times maybe hard and may even get harder ahead remember we are stronger together.
Love, Peace, Respect & catch up soon Jacey, Lauren and the Cashman girls (of course not forgetting Bruce & Beau)

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