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We are back open!!! (Whoop, whoop) 🌈 SKF Dojo Lockdown Opening Update 12/04/2021

Good morning SKF Dojo member (& parents),

We are back open!!! (Whoop, whoop).

Thank you for everyone’s support during this lockdown and this whole pandemic, you have helped our club and family business to survive these times.  

This week we will be messaging DAILY (as before) students will be confirmed booking space for class assignment as per lessons prior to this lockdown. Once confirmed your space is regularly assigned and you will not need to do anything further other than turn up for training! Please make sure you stay to your allocated lessons and contact us if you need to change. (IMPORTANT DUE TO GUIDELINES).

With restrictions lifting and reopening after each of the previous lockdowns we will be diligently following our governing body’s and government guidelines to continue to keep all our members safe and follow a duty of care.

If you would like to see the full WAKO GB Covid policy document it can be found here.

Our Covid secure protocols still include,

-Arrive socially distanced.

-Temperature health check and sanitise hands when entering.

-Socially distant space allocation in our Dojo training area.

Under 18’s can make contact to allow us to practice ‘in play’ training but only where necessary. At all times our training area and equipment will be sanitised pre and/or post use.

18 years and over can train individually inside (as we have been outside) following a lesson plan. All will be explained by our instructors and guided on your arrival.

We recommend wearing a mask on arrival and while being allocated to your training space where social distancing might not be possible to maintain and you carry all your belongings with you at all times / place in your training area. We do not recommend wearing a mask during training / exercise.

Can you believe it is snowing in April! So make sure you wear layers on arrival and when leaving (we will get warm during training). Our Dojo shutter door will remain open to maintain airflow.


No spectators. Our reception area must remain closed and NO one can wait outside the shutter door during training. Please drop and collect children promptly and disperse safely on arrival and after classes.

DO NOT ATTEND A CLASS should you have any symptoms of COVID-19, or WAITING for a test result. 


No student has trained inside our Dojo this year! Let’s all enjoying being back, seeing faces again and taking this next step back to our freedom. Our Dojo, what it represents and our instructors have a social responsibility to help you come out of lockdown and regain control, self esteem and confidence back into this world and we are looking forward to it.

As well as getting to hit pads, spar and do break boards it is also stripe week for kids & juniors. As always this should be supporting discipline at home and when back at school.

At the base of this message is our timetable as per Monday 12th April. Any questions please ask. All our classes will remain on zoom for you to still attend online (see our members site for zoom timetable).

Good luck to everyone else opening their doors to business, clubs and life today. 

Love, Peace, Respect the Cashman’s


Last weeks email I think contained our Yoga class but unfortunately these will have to stay on Zoom only until May’s step 3.

Lessons at our Dojo commencing from 12th April


4:00pm Karate Kids 5-9 Years (Z&FB)

5:00pm Kids & Juniors Karate 5-13 Years (Z&FB)

6:00pm Juniors Karate 9-13 Years (Z&FB)

7:00pm Adults & Juniors Kickboxing 13 Years + (Z&FB)


***Zoom Only 10:00am Yoga at our Dojo with Lauren 16 Years + (Z&FB)

4:00pm Kids Rookie Fight Club 5-13 Years (Z&FB)

5:00pm Kids & Cadets Rookie Fight Club 5-13 Years (Z&FB)

***Zoom Only 6:00pm Lengthen & Strengthen Yoga 16 Years + (Z)

7:00pm Adults Fight Club 13 Years +


5:00pm Weapons & Forms Training All Ages

***Zoom Only 6:00pm Yoga at our Dojo with Lauren 16 Years + (Z&FB)

7:00pm BootCamp Fitness 13 Years + 

8:00pm Adults & Juniors Kickboxing 13 Years + (Z&FB)


4:00pm Karate Kids 5-9 Years (Z&FB)

5:00pm Kids & Juniors Karate 5-13 Years (Z&FB)

6:00pm Advanced Excellence Brown Belts & Above

7:00pm Kata Excellence – All Ages (Z)

8:00pm Adults & Juniors Karate 13 Years + (Z&FB)


4:00pm Karate Kids 5-9 Years (Z&FB)

5:00pm Kids & Juniors Karate 5-13 Years (Z&FB)

***Zoom Only 6:00pm Yoga at our Dojo with Lauren 16 Years + (Z&FB)

7:00pm Adults Fight Club 13 Years +

8:30pm Fight Club Mindset & Film (Z)


9:00am Kids & Juniors Karate 5-13 Years (Z&FB)

10:00am Family Class – All Ages (Z&FB)

11:00am Kata Excellence – All Ages (Z)

12:00pm Family Class – All Ages (Z&FB)

(Z&FB = Zoom & Facebook Live class)

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