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Anti Bullying

SKF Dojo Anti Bullying

Martial Arts is a great way to build and re-build confidence and self-esteem levels which can help to prevent bullying.

At our Dojo learn self-defence knowledge and techniques – it gives people the confidence to walk away.

At our classes we are educating and informing on what bullying is/can entail and how to safely tackle it. 

In support of Anti-Bullying we have enrolment and membership offers so please ask when you get in touch.

Our Anti-Bullying Charter 

Our Dojo believes in working towards an anti-bullying environment. 
Everyone of all ages deserve to be safe and happy.

Our definition of bullying behaviour is:

A person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. Bullying can be words or physical actions that are deliberate and repeated over time.

Dojo Anti Bullying Code

Be firm and clear, strong and reasonable

Get away from the situation

Let someone know Afterwards …
Tell a teacher
Tell your family
If you are scared, ask a friend for help
Keep speaking up until someone listens

Don’t blame yourself Be clear about …
What has happened
How often it has happened
Where it happened
Was anyone else watching?
What you have done about it already?

How do we prevent bullying? 

We will not let bullying behaviour carry on.

We will tell the bully to stop.

We will not let people be left out of a group deliberately.

We will tell a member of staff what is happening.

We will ask the bullied person to join our group.

We will ask the bully to join our game too.

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