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Fighting Fit February

We don’t know about you but January felt like a front kick to the face off the back leg that we didn’t see coming. We are finding it very hard to plan any anything as one needs to be living day to day. We know some have it harder than others and obviously staying safe [...]Read

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Winter Course Grading Feedback

Very well done to students who successfully completed our SKF Winter Course and are working towards grades listed. All scores for all grades will be carried forward and in some cases the opportunity to double grade will be given. Jacey will speak to you at classes or send you a direct message to

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Win a Full Year’s Free Unlimited Membership with SKF Karate!

Early next year we will be giving one lucky winner a full year FREE, Unlimited Membership at our Dojo – the scholarship is open to children and adults, but we are only taking 20 applicants. To apply for the scholarship for yourself OR your child just get in contact and show your interest to be

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🌈 SKF Dojo Lockdown Update 30/11/2020

Dear SKF Dojo member, student, parent and wider community, In short, we return to our Dojo starting back classes this Wednesday 2nd December as per pre lockdown2 Covid secure controls. Our timetable will resume as it was at the start of November prior to lockdown2 and we will also keep zoom going.

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Winter Club Zoom Grading Results

SKF Dojo Winter Club Zoom Grading Results Crawley Zoom Grading Results Achievement List Very well done to everyone who has passed, we are very proud of your achievementsand how well you have adapted to the situation with the gradings We will be having a ‘Collect & Click’ belt award

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Anxiety Around Going Back to School

Pumping heart and shortness of breath. Uncomfortable back, shoulders and neck ache. Chest pain, dry throat, head ache and the inability to get up and do anything. These are a few physical symptoms of anxiety and those that suffer from severe anxiety say it is hard to explain. If you have suffered

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