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Fighting Fit February

We don’t know about you but January felt like a front kick to the face off the back leg that we didn’t see coming. We are finding it very hard to plan any anything as one needs to be living day to day. We know some have it harder than others and obviously staying safe and well is the prime objective for us all.
This week our lesson plans are focusing on our Fight Club ‘Champion Development’ and wanted to let you know it is ok to feel overwhelmed, the week, month might not get off to the best start and even while doing something you might not have your head in the game, but what our development training does is teach you the mindset that Champions have to deal with and work through adversity. Champions have fear, doubts, worries, aches and pains. But, they do not give up, they know that pushing forward even when overwhelmed is when success is achieved.
These lessons not only achieve winners in tournaments but winners in life.
It’s not too late to join us on zoom if you haven’t yet. We can still prepare students for Spring gradings but you will need to get on board now.
For those following our prerecorded lessons or anyone wanting to get more Fight Club training in, this playlist is this weeks theme, Champion development
Stay safe and well everyone, remember you are a champion!.
Peace, respect and catch up soon The Cashman’s
SKF Dojo

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