The Story of SKF Dojo

                                                                               The Cashman Family

From the moment they wake, they devote themselves to the perfection of what they pursue.
Jacey (SKF Dojo Chief Instructor) has always had a devotion to Martial Arts, well-being and making positive change in himself, his family and others.

                                                                                        The Beginning

Our journey begins back in 1986 when Jacey started Martial Arts along side his father Tony Cashman. Jacey began training at 5 years old in a mixed ages Karate club with his father Tony who started his Martial Arts practice at the age of 40 years old.

                                                                               Pursuit of Excellence

Both father and son, Tony and Jacey, achieved their Shodan (1st) Dan Black Belts in 1992.
With the coaching skills of his father, Jacey fought his way onto the GB National Squad and became World Kickboxing champion, winning Gold as a Junior Competitor in 1996 (Prague, Czech Republic), followed by Adult Gold in 2001 (Klagenfurt, Austria).

                                                                                        SKF Evolution

In 1997 Tony Cashman followed his desire to improve Martial Arts and founded the Sport Karate Federation. The first club started in Bracknell, Berkshire and then grew into an Alliance of classes teaching a common Martial Arts syllabus now in Sussex, Surrey & Kent.

In 2008 SKF Instructors Jacey, Sean & Lisa were invited by BBC Television to appear as guests on the world famous Blue Peter sharing their Martial Arts knowledge with the presenters.

                                                                                  Community Centres

Jacey started the SKF Crawley club in 1999 on a Thursday night in the Pound Hill Community Centre in Crawley. Paul Taylor (now a grading examiner) was his first student to walk through the swing doors.

SKF Crawley then grew to other evenings and venues; Tilgate, Ifield, Three Bridges, Milton Mount and Bewbush. Classes grew to sessions 6 days a week with over 100 students attending classes.


                                                                             Passing of Responsibilities

In 2012 founding SKF Instructor Tony Cashman passed away. It then passed onto Jacey to take role as Chief Instructor of the SKF.
“No matter how bad things are, no matter what happens, there will be a time to look back and say we would not be where we are now if those events

did not happen”.
This was a belief of Jacey’s parents and develops the philosophy of always looking forward. Jacey’s mother had also passed away suddenly in 2006.


With his wife Lauren along side him they searched property possibilities to setup their own full time Martial Arts centre and a place to honour the legacy of what his father had started. July 2014 the doors opened to our SKF Dojo with special guests Neville Wray (WAKO GB Kickboxing) & Roy Baker (WAKO Ireland Kickboxing & World Board Member) cutting the ribbon and presenting our Dojo with status as “Youth Development Centre’ on our opening day.


Insured, licensed and affiliated to the largest British Martial Arts governing body WAKO (World Associations of Kickboxing Organisations) Great Britain.
Our Dojo, Martial Arts Syllabus, Instructors and Training System is recognised around the World Wide Martial Arts Community. Jacey has and continues to travel the world teaching his extensive knowledge of Martial Arts and sharing his unique spirit of wisdom 

                                                                                    Numerous Awards

Our SKF Dojo, instructors and students have won, attained and been awarded many achievements over the years. As well as the outstanding belt grading results the awards ranging from National Tournament Season Grand Champions, Team GB Kickboxing representation, coaches & referees of the year.

Most recently Chief Instructor Jacey Cashman was awarded NEST Martial Arts Schools National ‘Instructor of the Year 2016’ awarded at a prestigious Martial Arts Gala in Nottingham.

                                                                             Welcome to our SKF family

Martial Arts is often only seen and misunderstood as a combat sport where aggression, masochism and competitiveness is the goal of training. This can be why people hesitate to join a club or get started in training. Our Dojo, The Cashman family and all our members are different. Our prime goal at our place of training is to positively impact on and change peoples lives. From our youngest students aged 3 years old to members over 60 we have Martial Arts class, Fitness sessions, a family community and a whole lot more on offer.

Walk through our Dojo front door and be prepared to positively change your mind, body and spirit.