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PLEASE READ NOW important SKF Dojo Virus Outbreak Information

Dear SKF Member / Parents,

Following the governments announcement to close schools Lauren & Jacey have decided to stop classes with immediate effect (NO classes Thursday 19th March) and then to shutdown our Dojo from Saturday 21st March 2020 until further notice to do our part in stopping the outbreak of the Corona Virus and to protect our community.

Grading results have just been announced and today (Thursday 19th) and tomorrow (Friday 20th) students will be welcome to come to our Dojo, be presented their belts and get a photo with Jacey. We know this is an important part off completing the gradings as all students deserve it, it brings something positive and a smile to faces in a very difficult time. 

The Cashman family, Jacey are well and showing no symptoms. We must advise any student / parent coming to follow health organisations guidelines if coming to our Dojo and everyone will be asked to wash hands before entering and when leaving.

IMPORTANT, any kit / lost property left at our Dojo after shutdown (this Saturday) will be destroyed so you must come and collect it today or tomorrow.

This week we have been testing our systems for virtual practice, we knew that our Dojo shutdown was coming and now it is upon us we are ready to transfer our training remotely. It will take a little time for you and us to become confident getting use to this but we have already had lots of success with it. 

It is important to say classes are not stopping! We just have to adjust to the new format of training from our homes / gardens.

Training via a video will be a big change but we must be ready for bigger changes in our everyday life and within the society we live in. These are unprecedented times. Further information on our E-Training timetable etc will be sent out over the weekend.

Kids we will be having regular challenges, worksheets to tick off along with fun stuff that will aim to keep the kids busy at home so it would be great to see parents getting involved where possible to keep the kids learning! Let’s bring some positive light & energy to this and keep our martial arts family together! 

Please, please support us, we are here for you and when this has all blown over we will be giving back to all our members who have continued to support the club during this difficult time. We understand that some of you may have difficulty with this so please get in contact if you do need to adjust payments until further notice.

Exercise is so important, people are already not sleeping, stress is on the increase and we know what we can offer you and your family, as part of our (online) community will help you and your family. Then when we are back we can have a party kicking and punching things again. 

Love, Peace, Respect,

Jacey, Lauren, Cecee, Diasy, Poppy & Bruce Cashman

“We just learn to develop and evolve using that black belt ‘champion’ mentality. Sending out lots of love to all of our martial arts family stay healthy and safe”.

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