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Way of harmony

Training in Karate Kata is about the development of an individual’s character. People of all ages can practice Karate and the benefits of Kata training are achieved by on-going repetition of techniques and moves developing the body’s muscles and ones education using martial arts philosophy. The training can be very hard, but with a strong will, spirit and determination, one can achieve a master status, but more importantly enlightenment of oneself through training.

In the modern world many Martial Arts school now focus on a sport / fun only training program yet the ultimate aim in martial arts training is self enlightenment and self development. When the emphasis is on Kata (forms/patterns) you are also developing self defence techniques, concentration and confidence. Levels of etiquette, discipline and respect are a part of Karate and, when practiced in class, it flows into everyday life.

The traditional style of Kata we practice is Wado-Ryu Karate (meaning ‘way of harmony’) originally founded by Sensei Hironori Ohtsuka in Okinawa, Japan. Wado-ryu is a very popular Karate style.

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