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Kids Martial Arts, Self Defence classes and Karate Kickboxing Courses for all ages Kids, Teenagers and Adults.
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We would like to welcome you, your children and family members to our Dojo.  We have Junior & Adult classes starting from 3 years old to Adults in Crawley suitable for girls & boys / men & women.

All new potential members are invited to attend our FREE trial process which for children ages 3 to 13 years is usually split into 3 parts. This format is so that we can make an introduction, application and then finally the enrolment into classes. Students looking to attend our Adult Classes, aged 13 years and over will have their FREE trial alongside a Live Class (see timetable).

MINI KARATE KIDS. Ages 3 – 13 years old.

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Tuesdays / Thursdays & Fridays
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You will be bringing your child to an exciting, fun and enjoyable Mini Karate Kids Lesson which has many benefits from our Martial Arts development reward syllabus program.

During lesson kids will be learning skills with fun and games.

All lead and inspired by experienced role model instructors.


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Martial Arts is a great way to build and re-build confidence and self-esteem levels which can help to prevent bullying.

At our Dojo learn self-defence knowledge and techniques – it gives people the confidence to walk away.

At our classes we are educating and informing on what bullying is/can entail and how to safely tackle it.


Self Defence is a very important life skill and is an aspect of training incorporated within all of our martial arts classes.

Prevention with any situation which harms you is far better than cure.

Learning Martial Arts gives you / your child skills and confidence to avoid and deal with situations.


When you become a member of our Dojo, you are committing to becoming the best version of yourself.  Our Champion Development Fight Club sessions are carefully planned in order to help students develop sparring skills to a national and international competitive level. This has many benefits both physical and psychological. From improving your health and fitness to building confidence, improving focus, dealing with anxiety and developing self esteem.


During Traditional Karate lessons, you will be developing skills through a combination of different aspects of our Martial Arts syllabus in our respectful Dojo environment. These sessions will include linework, padwork, bagwork, sparring, self-defence and the study of Kata.  You can learn more about Kata on our Kata Excellence page.


Our Kickboxing lessons incorporate many of the core aspects of our Martial Arts syllabus but focus on fitness and sparring skills rather than the traditional Kata.  Find our about further opportunities to develop these core skills on our Fight Club and Champion Development pages.


Our Ladies Only lesson incorporates many of the core aspects of our Martial Arts syllabus such as padwork, bagwork, sparring and self-defence but focuses on progressing your fitness. Find our about further opportunities to develop your health and fitness on our Fitness Excellence page.

Our Ladies Only Sessions are led by a Female Instructor, World Champion Gemma Upfold, in a women’s only