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March’ing Back To Our Dojo

SKF Dojo Lockdown Update 08/03/2021
Good afternoon,
We are March’ing Back to our Dojo and focusing on mental toughness, training mind and body.
May the force be with everyone going back to school this week, there is going to be a lot of different emotions flying around as restrictions start to lift over the coming weeks and months. Our own household had some nervousness last night and this morning returning to school. Let your training kick in and be mindful of breathing to keep in control of yourself.
After the recent government announcement with stages of lifting restrictions and proposed dates I was not going to make any promises of when we can open our Dojo because so many things have then changed in the past. So by next Monday 15th we will make a decision on our road map back to our Dojo. It is looking like we will be able to train outside from the end of this month (March) then inside from April. Who and what classes is to be decided once we get further information from our governing body and carry out risk assessments this week.
Like previously coming out of lockdown we will continue our Dojo Zoom timetable even when we return to face to face training.
What we will also continue to do is focus on the things we can plan and have control over. It was a great Grading Practice on Sunday and further Grading details for this coming Sunday will be shared shortly.
Classes this week will focus towards the weekend Gradings but with a good practice for everyone to get involved with Grading or not. Remember to log into our members site to get a copy of your syllabus and have a look through all the YouTube playlists for further grading advice and pointers.
Have a great week, we will continue to ‘March’ forward on zoom and so looking forward to catching up in person which we will have more details on next week.
Peace, respect and catch up soon JC SKF Dojo

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