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Win a Full Year’s Free Unlimited Membership with SKF Karate!

Early next year we will be giving one lucky winner a full year FREE, Unlimited Membership at our Dojo – the scholarship is open to children and adults, but we are only taking 20 applicants.

To apply for the scholarship for yourself OR your child just get in contact and show your interest to be in with a chance to win. 

All applicants will be invited to a Covid-19 safe trial process at our Dojo and we will announce the winner on the 11th January. Last year we presented the winner on an open day at our Dojo, however, due to Covid-19 we will be revealing the winner on Facebook live!

Remember only 20 people will be in with a chance to win this amazing price worth hundreds of pounds!

Please note that this is available for new members only.

We have not forgotten our existing members we will be offering an existing Membership Referral Prize! More details to follow.

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