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Not the absence of negatives, its how you look at it

When we go through difficult situations, we tend to focus on the negative aspects. We see the challenges, the obstacles, and the setbacks. But what if we took a different perspective? What if we looked at the same situation and focused on the positives?

It’s not about denying the negatives or pretending they don’t exist. It’s about acknowledging them while also highlighting the things that are going well. It’s about seeing the opportunities amidst the challenges.

For example, if you are going through a rough patch in your career, instead of dwelling on the rejections or setbacks, you could focus on the skills and experiences you have gained. You could see this as an opportunity to learn and grow, to improve your abilities and build resilience.

By focusing on the positive aspects, we can change our mindset and approach to the situation. We can become more optimistic and proactive, which in turn can lead to better outcomes.

So remember, it’s not the absence of negatives, it’s how you look at it. Choose to see the silver lining and make the most of every situation.

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